Joell Ortiz Free Agent

In metropolitan cities all over America, the disillusioned youth of this generation have found alternative ways to express themselves, circumvent the corporate structure, or just fit in. Cities like LA, Detroit, Miami, Atlanta, etc. have launched the careers of countless entertainers, athletes & emcees that have etched their names in the concrete. Things are no different in Brooklyn, NY where (as The Notorious B.I.G would say) you either "sling crack rock/or you got a wicked jumpshot". For years Brooklyn has served as a major breeding group for talent, passing the mic down from Kane, to Biggie, to JayZ, to an unlikely and unassuming rap superhero Joell Ortiz.

Brooklyn Bred MC Joell Ortiz has created a buzz for himself on the radio, the internet, and most importantly the streets. Introduced into the game as Quick, Joell's talent and hunger were apparent to anyone he came across. Armed with a relentless work ethic and incredible lyrical abilities, Joell rhymed his way through the industry and into the offices of Aftermath Records, where Dr. Dre signed the young Latino rapper and added him to the team. Due to a lack of support from his label, Ortiz pushed for his release from Aftermath and has currently become hip-hop's most valuable Free Agent.

Free Agent gives Joell’s fans and followers insight into not only who he is, but a deep introspective look into his family, his music, and is career.

Standard Definition (NTSC-DV)
Mini-DV/QuickTime mov. 24fps
Total Run Time: 42:43:07
Joell Ortiz
Mike Herron
Dennis Wynn
Living Proof
Joe Budden
Royce Da 5'9"
DJ Kay Slay
(executive prod.) - Darryl Phillips , Mike Herron, Dennis Wynn
(producers) - Khomari Flash , Ernesto Guadalupe
Directed & Edited by The ICU

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