Panasonics’ 3D Television TH-P103MT2

Panasonic’s been the proud parent of a 103-inch plasma since January 2006. Here we are almost five years later learning off a 3D variant, model TH-P103MT2. The Full HD 3D plasma with 5m:1 native contrast ratio is expected to cost about 8.5 million yen or a bit more than $100,000. [via engadget]

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Palm Top Theater

Palm Top Theater puts 3D movies in the palm of your hand using peppers ghost technique. It is also an exhibition consisting of a device called i3DG. i3DG derives from the words”I”, “3D”, and “Gadget”. i3DG is a playful analog extension to an iPhone or an iPodTouch, converting its 2D display into a layered 3D [...]

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Sony: 3D TVs With Built-In Blu-Ray Recorder And HDD

Mitsubishi showed them yesterday, and Sony followed [JP] today: All-in-one LCD TVs that feature 3D capability and come with built-in Blu-ray recorders and HDDs. The so-called BRAVIA 2 KDL series consists of three different 3D TVs (two of which come with “2D” Blu-ray recorders only). All TVs feature full HD resolution, a Blu-ray recorder that [...]

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IBC 2010 to Push 3D Training and Screen Two Full-length 3D Films

IBC’s Big Screen theater, a fixture of the RAI Conference Center in Amsterdam, features digital projection, 7.1 surround sound and seats 1,750 people. Not a bad place to watch a 3D film. Attendees of the IBC 2009 Awards Ceremony, held in the theater last year, got a look at an extended 16-minute excerpt from Avatar [...]

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Fuji Introduces Compact 3-D Camera for Consumers

Playing James Cameron at home is set to get cheaper and easier as Fuji introduces a point-and-shoot 3-D digital camera that can click high-resolution 3-D photos and high-definition 3-D movies — all at a price where regular compact cameras were about four years ago. “We are launching a camera that will bring 3-D from the [...]

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The Light

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Emergency Room Check-In


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