Based in New York City, The ICU is a full-service
video production and creative agency.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Media specialists with expertise in directing, editing, writing, producing and distributing high quality, premium, viral content.
  • Unprecedented access to emerging and leading recording artists, tastemakers and industry executives.
  • Valuable resource for bridging the gap between marketing companies and trend-conscious consumers.
  • Flawless reputation as an authority on groundbreaking music, fashion and technology.
  • Successfully consult clients to develop marketing solutions that are clear, concise and bull’s eye on target.
  • Proven and experienced management team.

About the ICU Lab

The ICU is the one-stop creative resource for a wide variety of recording artists, music labels, Fortune 500 companies, ad agencies, nonprofits and other organizations.

Based in New York City, The ICU is a full-service video production and creative agency that develops powerful and compelling entertainment and media campaigns for our clients. 

At The ICU, we collaborate with our partners to produce the most advanced visual presentations, extending the reach and buzz of a brand, product or event. We believe that combining entertainment and advertising is the most effective strategy to break through the clutter and generate new avenues for reaching consumers with more engaging messages. 

The ICU has consulted some of the leading artists and companies in today’s marketplace and built an outstanding reputation for delivering high-impact results.